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    Vertex anti-surge controllers are designed for industrial-sized axial or centrifugal compressors with 1 or 2 recycle loops. Custom Vertex-Pro models are available for larger 3 and 4 recycle loop applications.

    OEM-qualified algorithms are used to ensure that proper start sequences are followed, proper and accurate compressor load calculations are used, and proper protection and recovery actions are performed.

    Designed to replace CCC Series-3 and Series 3++ anti-surge controllers, Vertex can be configured to function like those controllers but with two-times faster scan rates, improved surge anticipation logic, and one integrated package for all control functions (anti-surge control loop 1, anti-surge control loop 2, performance control, and dual-redundant control).



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      Vertex-Pro Compressor Controller



    Designed to function as a plant Distributed Control System node, the Vertex can interface with the plant’s DCS via hardwired input/output signals or serial or Ethernet communications. With the capability to monitor and control all compressor based functions, the Vertex controller is also a cost-effective compressor control/protection device as well as a plant DCS monitoring node.
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    Vertex-Pro motor-driven compressor controls come in dual-redundant models with manual switch-over and automatic fail-over capabilities for critical applications requiring increased reliability and availability. Redundant control models also allow users to replace/repair modules and perform program changes while the compressor is operating on-line, thus greatly improving system availability.
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