Woodward UG-40 Governors

    Mechanical-hydraulic speed or load control of larger engines and steam turbines 


    UG-40 Lever Governor       UG-40 Dial Governor 

    UG-40 governors are used for speed or load control of dual-fuel, diesel, or gas engines or steam turbines with governor drive speeds of 350 to 1050 rpm or 550 to 1300 rpm. They are typically used to drive alternators, DC generators, pumps, compressors, or marine propellers.

    Governors with lever speed setting are primarily used for propulsion engines. Dial or motor speed setting is primarily used for power-generation installations.

    Droop is available in UG-40 governors to allow load sharing between multiple engines or power generation against an infinite bus.

    All UG-40 governors have adjustable compensation to allow isochronous speed control. A pointer on the governor sets and indicates the amount of compensation. Compensation is temporary—a needle valve sets the speed at which compensation is removed from the governor speed setting. Special damped ballheads and spring-driven drives are available for engines with rough governor drives.

    The governors provide 38° of output shaft travel for a maximum work output of 50 ft-lb (67J). Recommended rotation is 2/3 of the maximum, or 25° for a work output of 33 ft-lb (45J). This allows sufficient overtravel at each end so the governor can create a shutdown and also give maximum fuel when required. The terminal shaft is mechanically linked to the fuel system.

    A standard feature of the UG-40 Dial governor is a load-limit control that limits the amount of fuel supplied by restricting the travel of the governor output shaft. An indicator dial shows the setting of governor-output-shaft limit position. The load-limit control may also be used for shutting down the engine, turbine, or other type of prime mover by turning it to zero. Load limit is available on the lever governor as a factory option.

    UG40-DI (Digital Interface) 

    The UG40-DI has all the features of the traditional UG-40 governor, but with a digital interface for remote speed setting, start fuel limiting and shutdown. Its proven and reliable hardware, in combination with adjustable software settings, ensure versatility and easy system integration. The UG40-DI has extensive alarm and diagnostics features that monitor the condition of the governor functions. Whenever necessary, the digital interface settings can be overruled by the manual settings.

    UG40-DI governors are used for speed or load control of larger dual-fuel, diesel or gas engines and steam turbines with governor drive speeds of 350 to 1300 rpm in applications like propulsion or power-generation. 


    For details on these options, please view the manuals noted under Further References.

    Shutdown Devices 

    A number of special shutdown devices are available for both UG-40 governors. Electric shutdown solenoids are available in either the de-energized or energized type.

    Pressure actuated air, oil, or water shutdown units are also available. These units operate with pressures of 69, 138, or 414 kPa (10, 20, or 60 psi).

    Booster Servomotor 

    A booster servomotor can be used to supply pressure oil to the governor at the instant starting air is supplied to the engine, where quick engine starts are required. A booster conserves starting air for the engine. It also improves maneuverability of vessels using direct reversible engines.

    Ballhead Assemblies 

    Special solid or spring-driven, vibration-damping ballhead assemblies can help match the UG-40 governor to a particular engine. The pilot valve bushing can have special "chopper" porting for slow response in acceleration. Normal porting is either 2 slotted or 8 round.

    Remote Speed Control 

    An electric synchronizing motor may be mounted on top of the dial governor for remote speed control to match frequencies of an engine-driven alternator to other units of a system. Motors are available for all common voltages.

    Speed Monitoring 

    Governor speed can be monitored by using a tachometer and a magnetic pickup mounted on the governor. The pickup unit is available in a regular or explosion-proof model.

    Contamination Reduction 

    Weatherproof cases are available to reduce contamination of the self contained oil sump.