Transformer Protection

    Transformer Protection

    Transformer protection and maintenance is essential for a reliable energy supply. Woodward’s intelligent electronic devices with perceptive algorithms protect your electrical equipment against damages that are costly and difficult to replace.

    Woodward’s protective relays offer a wide range of protection and supervision elements. Integrated recorders and logging functionality assist the user in detecting transformer aging and analyzing failures.

    Enhanced communication capabilities are the basis for the integration into automation systems.

    The following product lines offer the right Transformer Protection products for your needs. (A detailed overview of the additional featured protection modules can be found in this PDF Comparison Chart.)


    HighPROTEC line

    The new HighPROTEC line is the latest generation of complete protection for medium-voltage power systems.

    This product line stands for the most sophisticated Transformer Protection relays with the highest adaptability to Medium Voltage and High Voltage Transformers.

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    HighPROTEC Transformer Protection devices:

    Transformer Protection