Teleservice and Security

    Woodward helps facilitate maintenance in complex power stations

    Engines and installations are becoming more and more powerful, and consequently more and more complex. It is next to impossible for operators understand more than one technology of a system. Woodward assists with comprehensive knowledge in many technical fields of power stations.

    In addition to on-site-trainings, Woodward offers Teleservices, allowing you to have remote access from remote to all system-relevant data so your local staff can identify a potential source of errors. Since any connection from outside to a power station’s control level is critical, we offer state-of-the-art encryption technology to assure safe data transmission.

    Based on generally-accepted means of communication, such as internet or telephone, Woodward can establish point-to-point communication between our skilled specialists and your maintenance staff at site. This way we are able to offer a solution that is individually tailored to your specific needs!

    Contact Information

    Woodward Power Solutions GmbH

    Krefelder Weg 47

    47906 Kempen -Germany

    phone: +49 (0) 2152/145-358

    phone: +49 (0) 2152/145-448

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