Woodward Stepper Motors

    Woodward’s stepper motor designs include large angle and fine-angle (1.8°) hybrid-type designs 

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    Woodward designs and manufactures a broad line of stepper motors for aerospace and defense motion-control applications. Our stepper motors benefit from Woodward’s nearly 50 years of producing servo motors. Early stepper motor designs were primarily “large angle,” but we have expanded our portfolio with several sizes of fine-angle (1.8°) hybrid-type designs which were first popularized in industrial automation. 

    Performance & Packaging
    Woodward stepper motors represent high torque and pulse rates. The size range includes both round and square frames in popular inch-series diameter codes from Size 8 to Size 23 (.75” to 2.3”) and a variety of core lengths. 

    Applications & Ratings
    Common applications for stepper motors include target & navigation servos, cabin pressure, utility actuation, valve, and trim controls. Woodward’s stepper motors can be furnished with a high-temperature construction and insulation system rated up to +220°C. 

    Commonly supplied accessory devices include integral leadscrew output shafts, brakes, and gearheads.

    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology stepper motor solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at afs-motors@woodward.com