Plant Protection Systems

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    Woodward helps limit plant damage with Plant Protection Systems

    Woodward helps you guard your plant control systems from damage due to electrical faults by providing according protection devices. 

    There are following network elements included depending on project and customer requirements:


    - MV System Feeders
    - MV Cables
    - LV System Feeders
    - Motors
    - Station Transformers
    - Step-up Transformers to Utility Grid or other Power Stations


    Main Protection device functions are: 


    - Differential Protection ANSI code 87
    - Time Overcurrent and Short-circuit Protection  ANSI code 51/50/67
    - Thermal Overload Protection ANSI code 49
    - Earth Fault Protection  ANSI code 51N/50N/67N 
    - System Earth Fault Protection ANSI code 59N
    - Under- and Overvoltage Protection  ANSI code 27/59 
    - Under- and Overfrequency Protection  ANSI code 81 
    - Phase Balance Protection ANSI code 47
    - Mains Decoupling Protection   ANSI code 27/59/81/78/81R


    Network, Protection and Coordination Studies can be provided to design and verify the protection concept and to calculate the according protection settings.


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