Woodward Auxillary Valves

    Woodward produces several auxiliary valve platforms for gas turbines that include bleed, steam cooling, purge valves, and oil valves. 

    In working closely with our OEM customers, Woodward has identified the need and provided solutions for a wide range of applications on all sizes of turbines. From air management…to steam cooling/injection…to oil valves, Woodward has developed products that leverage years of design pedigree and are customized for specific applications. Applications range from the largest combined cycle gas turbines to small industrial turbines for backup power generation.  

    By leveraging design platforms, Woodward is able to reapply actuator designs from one application to another, which drives down the development time, cost, and risk. In addition, Woodward has developed innovative solutions to customer turbine application issues through improved reliability and by creating electrically-actuated solutions to improve integration.  

    No matter what the problem, Woodward remains focused on solving core customer issues with either component or system-level solutions. Many of these solutions are customer specific and are, therefore, not available through a product specification.  

    Contact Woodward or one of our business partners for specific issues and potential solutions.

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