Woodward MotoService

    MotoService software is comprised of MotoViewer and MotoUpdate. 


    MotoViewer provides an economical solution for basic ECM data and diagnostic needs.

    Key Features:

            • Graphical data logging 
            • Detailed fault diagnostic list 
            • View ECM fault history 
            • Clear active and historic faults 
            • View engine runtime hours 
            • View engine sensor data 
            • Chart option to graph data 
            • Extensive use of Microsoft® GUI standards to promote user familiarity 
            • Comprehensive online help system


    The MotoUpdate tool provides an easy solution for reprogramming ECMs in the field or service shop.

    Key Features:

            • User friendly application—limited PC experience required to operate 
            • Allow field/service personnel to update an ECM when new calibrations are required 
            • Simple one-step process 
            • Save time and money by updating the ECM on site.

    MotoUpdate Screen (1)

    MotoUpdate Functionality: 

            • Simple, easy-to-use application 
            • Operator friendly: requires basic computer skills to initiate the programming download to ECM 
            • Programming file can be configured to only allow reprogramming based on previous software ID eligibility 
            • Includes a detailed user-information update readme file authored by authorized engineering staff

    MotoUpdate Screen (2)
    MotoUpdate Screen (3)