MotoHawk Control Solutions Training

    Hands-on instruction for MotoHawk® rapid prototyping/production system

     MotoHawk training image

    Target Audience

    • Controls engineers
    • ECU software engineers
    • Controls R&D engineers
    • Investigators of code generation technologies

    Course Format
    • Lecture and hands-on use of tool
    • 3 days, 8 am - 5 pm (lunch provided)
    • Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

    Training Schedule
    Contact your Woodward account manager for customized training arrangements.


    Persons attending the training must have a Windows laptop (XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) with the following software installed in order to participate in the hands-on projects.

    From Mathworks (www.Mathworks.com) 
    Matlab, Simulink, Simulink Coder, Embedded Coder

    From Kvaser (www.Kvaser.com)
    Kvaser CANKing (free CAN trace tool)

    From Woodward (www.woodward.com/software)
    MotoHawk, MotoServer Runtime, MotoTune, GCC PowerPC eabi 4.6.0 

    To download from the Woodward software page, type a keyword into the search box (i.e., MotoHawk or MotoTune). Licenses for the Woodward tools will be provided.


    ►We will be using the latest SP MotoHawk release, but this version is not required. If you have another version available or installed this will be fine. MotoHawk supports Matlab two years back (ex. if you have Matlab 2010a, MotoHawk 2010a-2012a would be compatible).

    ►While we will be using the latest MotoTune and MotoServerRuntime, this version is not required. However, MotoTune and MotoServer must be the same version. Uninstall older versions using Windows Add/Remove programs before installing a new version of MotoTune or MotoServerRuntime.

    ►For Windows, run the installer for MotoTune, MotoServer Runtime, and MotoHawk as Administrator (right click and choose Run as Admin).

    DAY 1

    MotoHawk Introduction
    Check Installation
    Basics of Simulink and MotoHawk
    Simulink Model
    Build and Flash First Model

    MotoHawk Blockset Overview
    Basic I/O
    Calibration, Probes, and Overrides
    Throttle Project

    DAY 2

    RTI Triggers and Interrupts
    Faults and Fault Management
    Throttle Project with Faults
    Data Storage
    Lookup Tables

    Throttle Project with Lookup Tables
    Anatomy of a CAN Message
    MotoHawk CAN Blocks            

    DAY 3

    CAN Based Throttle Project

    Class Specific Content or Engine I/O
    Encoder, Spark, Injectors

    Knowledge Collaboration