Woodward MotoHawk® Software

    Your Rapid Controls Development Software

    MotoHawk Suite

    MotoHawk® is a rapid controls system development tool that allows controls engineers to quickly create controls software within Simulink® diagrams, which run on any MotoHawk-enabled electronic control modules. Successfully used in thousands of production applications, MotoHawk supports control feature development, vehicle calibration, and fleet testing. It allows a variety of applications using both single controller and distributed by-wire implementations.

    The MotoHawk Advantage

    MotoHawk is a powerful development and prototyping system for Simulink/Stateflow users. Control models prototyped with MotoHawk move seamlessly from development into production.


    • Auto-code generation of Simulink/Stateflow models using Embedded Coder/Stateflow Coder
    • Rugged controllers for prototyping and production
    • ControlCore-enabled software
    • Off-the-shelf engine control libraries
    • Calibration using MotoTune® or open-protocol tools (CCP/XCP)
    • Responsive engineering and support services for a wide range of applications
    • Electronic control modules available for development, fleet and production


    • Simpler, faster development
    • Better testing using real production ECM hardware
    • Quickly develop and enhance software features in Simulink
    • Analyze and control real-time OS from Simulink/Stateflow
    • Direct access to the production controller’s I/O from Simulink
    • Readable documentation of system design automatically created from models
    • Lower cost for fleet testing; outfit an entire test fleet with rapid prototyping capability
    • Custom block-set allows for integration of both handwritten and auto-code

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