Aircraft Turbine Main Fuel Pumps

    Aircraft Turbine Main Fuel Pumps (MFPs)

    Main Fuel Pump

    Woodward provides the most thermally-efficient and cost-effective fuel pressurization solutions through integration of an assortment of proven technologies into an optimized pumping solution. Our analysis team shows you proprietary tools that enable the industry’s OEMs to optimize their fuel systems across a variety of difficult-to-measure factors, including lifecycle costs, horsepower draw, reliability, and thermal efficiency. Woodward offers reliable, efficient, and low-cost pumps, in both stand-alone and integrated solutions.

    Design features include:

    • Innovative single, dual, and variable pump schemes for ultimate ability to fine tune system level performance-to-cost metrics
    • Proven, tested, and scalable design tools for world-class, prime reliable pumping elements: gears, vanes, liquid-rings, regenerative wheels, impellers, inducers, and ejectors
    • Significant cost, weight, and program execution efficiencies gained when integrating the pump into a fuel system with filters, heat exchangers, sensors, PMAs, and metering control