Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Liquid Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbines


    1907 Large Liquid Fuel Control Valve

    Woodward’s 1907 Large Liquid Fuel Valve accurately controls the flow of liquid fuel to small and medium industrial/aeroderivative gas turbines.

    The valve may be used for almost any liquid-fueled industrial/aeroderivative gas turbine application with a required fuel flow between 150 to 25,000 pph (68 kg/hr to 11,340 kg/hr). Various flow ranges are available to meet a variety of specific applications. The valve typically operates with a servo control and acceleration limiter assembly for precise turbine performance.

    A differential pressure regulator incorporated into the fuel valve maintains a constant pressure drop across the metering element, so fuel flow at a given position will remain constant. A minimum flow orifice operates in parallel with the metering element to provide a minimum flow of 150 pph (68 kg/hr).

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