Learning and Development


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    Woodward Developing Industry Leading Talent

    Woodward promotes an environment that fosters growth, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Our goal is to develop strong leadership to meet our future business objectives and to develop talented members who are recognized by our customers and industries as a competitive advantage.   

    Woodward provides formal and informal learning and development opportunities that allow members to enhance their professional and personal capabilities and promotes the idea of continuous personal development.


    Learning and Development Programs

    We offer learning and development programs within the Woodward University structure that focus on functional skills, business knowledge and leadership skills. The Woodward University contains three program areas:

    • Professional and Technical Excellence
    • Management and Supervision
    • Leadership and Executive Development


    Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

    The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is part of our comprehensive Total Rewards Program and aligns with our talent management strategies to enhance members’ ability to grow and develop. It encourages members to improve their skills so they may advance their own personal development as well as better serve the company and our customers. 

    Tuition assistance: 

    • Provides a mechanism for members or their leader to initiate personal growth and development.
    • Builds member technical/professional skill sets and positions members to meet our customer’s needs.
    • Improves member career mobility.