Woodward Integrated Sensor Systems

    A Reduced-Weight, Turnkey Subsystem Approach to Aircraft Sensing

    Woodward offers complete sensor subsystems which combine multiple sensor types (position, force, pressure, discrete switching, acceleration, angular rate, level, etc.) integrated around a digital-signal concentrator electronics module. Woodward customers realize substantial weight savings due to optimization of sensor wire lengths around the centrally-located signal concentration module.  Load Sensing System 

    Woodward designs the signal data concentrator module to:

    • supply multiple types of sensor excitation
    • provide signal conditioning for each sensor type
    • transmit the data over any number of data protocol formats

    The customer supplies sensing types and quantity required, locally available 28-VDC bus power, and digital bus requirements - Woodward does the rest.

    Woodward can supply software and hardware certification documentation, as well as complete subsystem environmental and EMI qualification programs

    To learn more about Woodward’s standard products and custom capabilities, please contact us at afs-sensors@woodward.com.