Woodward Fuel and Water Nozzles for Gas Turbines

    Fuel and Water Nozzles

    Fuel Injection for Fuel Flexible Heavy Frame and Aeroderivative gas turbines for the energy and oil & gas industries.

    Woodward is a leader in design, fabrication, and optimization of gas fuel, liquid fuel, and water nozzles for combustion turbines. Our expertise in spray atomization, ignition, combustion sensing, IGCC (Syngas) application, and precise control of fuel/air ratio makes Woodward a valuable partner for gas turbine OEM’s in cutting-edge combustion technology development. 

    Woodward has world-class test facilities to characterize fuel mixing, ignition, and atomized liquid fuel spray droplet size, spray quality, and spray angle. At our combustion test facility we are able to test a wide range of fuel, air flow, and pressure conditions to simulate the combustor environment without running an expensive full rig test. Woodward’s expertise, combined with our test facilities, enable us to design and integrate components into combustion systems.

    Our engineers are recognized as industry leaders in the design of fuel nozzles.

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