Woodward Industrial Pneumatic Servovalves

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    The Woodward R-DDV® Servovalve is designed for high precision, closed-loop motion control electro-pneumatic systems. Applications include load, position, velocity, acceleration, and force control in the following industries:


    • Material handling
    • Packaging
    • Test and simulation
    • Manufacturing
    • Assembly
    • Robotics  


     Outstanding Response 

    The R-DDV® Servovalve offers exceptional response with a -3dB frequency response of 200 Hz for the Model 27A and 90Hz for the Model 27G. The four valve models provide 16 different pneumatic flow rates from 0.45 scfm to 136 scfm (0.008 Cv to 2.43 Cv). 

    Exceptional Speed & Resolution 

    Used in conjunction with a low friction cylinder, load speeds can range from 0 to 100 inches per second. Linear position resolution can be as fine as ±0.002 inch. Used in a pressure control mode, repeatability of less than 0.01 psi can be attained.

    Please view our downloadable material, located on the right hand side of this page. For more information on product specifications and performance.

    Model 27A.JPG Model 27G