Woodward Industrial Hydraulic Servovalves

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    The Woodward R-DDV® Servovalve is designed for high precision, closed-loop motion control hydraulic systems. Applications include load, position, velocity, acceleration and force control in the following industries:


    • Die casting
    • Lumber processing
    • Test and simulation
    • Metal processing
    • Oil and gas
    • Robotics 


    Outstanding Response

    The R-DDV® Servovalve offers exceptional response with a -3dB frequency response of 200 Hz for the Model 27A and 90Hz for the Model 27G. The four valve models provide 16 different hydraulic flow rates from 0.18 gpm to 60 gpm.

    Superior Reliability

    The R-DDV® Servovalve steel spool and body is a robust, rugged design that is tolerant to high mechanical shock and pressure impulses that typically destroy torque tubes, jet-pipes, and internal filters.

    Woodward’s patented R-DDV® Servovalve rotary direct-drive design controls flow through the valve in a single stage that is independent of supply pressure for outstanding performance and reliability. The R-DDV® Servovalve eliminates the sensitive first-stage fluid amplifier where most shock and contamination problems occur in conventional 2-stage servovalves. There are no springs, nozzles, jets, filters, or pilot valves to maintain or replace.

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