Woodward Ignition Components and Systems

    Woodward’s ignition technologies comprise systems and components that provide reliable, high-performance solutions for aircraft turbines, industrial gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. 

    Aircraft Turbine Ignition

    Aircraft Ignition Systems

    Aircraft Ignition Systems

    Woodward aircraft ignition systems provide state-of-the-art functionality at low cost and high reliability.
    Aircraft Ignition Systems

    Gas Engine Systems and Components

    Engine Ignition Systems

    Engine Ignition Systems

    Woodward offers ignition system solutions for all modern gas engines, meeting today's requirements for high-energy performance
    Engine Ignition Systems

    Capacitive Discharge Controllers

    Woodward's IC-900 series of ignition controllers meet today's OEM requirements for high-energy ignition systems.
    Capacitive Discharge (CD) systems

    AC Controllers and Systems

    Based on new alternating current (AC) drive technology, Woodward's new IC-1100 ignition systems offer unlimited flexibility to deliver energy to the spark plug.
    AC Ignition Systems

    Ignition Coils

    Woodward ignition coils are design-matched to our CD and AC ignition controllers, meeting the spark energy performance requirements of modern gas engines.
    Coils for Engine Ignition Systems

    Industrial Gas Turbine Ignition 

    Woodward supplies complete high tension ignition systems for industrial gas turbines. Our ignition expertise combined with our liquid fuel atomization expertise ensures reliable ignition of any gas turbine application.Learn more