Woodward Gears and Gearing

    Woodward’s Gearing Capabilities include Planetary Gearing, Spur Gearing, and Angle Gearing 

    Right Angle LargeSize 60 PlanetarySpur Cutaway 

    Woodward is an industry leader in design and development of actuation gearing for aerospace and defense motion-control applications. 

    Woodward’s gearing capabilities include:


    Our gearheads can be supplied:

    • fully packaged as airframe LRUs (line-replaceable units)
    • simply housed for use in more protected environments
    • directly coupled to Woodward servomotors and components   


    Woodward’s gearing applications include: flight controls, utility actuation, navigation & target gimbals, turret drives, and ammunition handling.

    Our gearing is famous for long life, high efficiency, and low backlash across the full aerospace/military temperature range. Woodward utilizes many stainless alloys and bearings for the construction of our gearing; these materials have excellent environmental resistance as well as matched temperature coefficients of thermal expansion.





    To learn more about our standard products and custom capabilities, please contact us at afs-motors@woodward.com.