Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Gas Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbines


    Hydraulic Globe Valves (HGV)

    Woodward’s Hydraulic Globe Valve (HGV) platform controls the flow of gas fuel to various stages of an industrial gas turbine combustion system. The unique design integrates the valve and actuator into a cost-effective, compact assembly. The valve is designed to provide a highly accurate flow-versus-stroke characteristic. This valve comes in 2in and 4in valve sizes with a maximum gas pressure of 550 psig (3792 kPa).

    The integral hydraulic actuator is a single-acting, spring-loaded design that will quickly close the valve upon loss of electrical input signal or hydraulic power. A dual or triple coil electro-hydraulic servovalve controls the pressure to the hydraulically powered actuator. The HGV unit also contains a dc-powered LVDT position transducer that is mechanically connected to the actuator piston.

    Learn more from the HGV product specification. 

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