GS16 Gas Control Valve


The Woodward GS16 gas control valve is electrically actuated for use on industrial and aero derivative gas turbines that require gas fuel flows up to 30,000 lb/hr (13607 kg/hr). The assembly provides a reliable, cost-effective interface between electronic control


systems and gas turbines used in electrical power generation, compressor, or mechanical drive applications. The valve assembly can be used for base turbines or in a multiple valve configuration for low emissions requirements.

The GS16 valve assembly combines a highly robust Woodward self-cleaning metering valve with a high-torque actuator to ensure extended operation in all types of gaseous fuel service. The valve assembly features an on-board electronic controller module for ease of system packaging and installation.

GS16’s gas throttling section of the valve uses a self-cleaning, shear type of action that keeps the control port free of contamination that can inhibit optimal performance. Three control port sizes are available (1.0”, 1.5”, 2.0”) for optimized fuel flow in a variety of application scenarios. The GS16 gas valve is electrically actuated with an on-board driver and can accommodate fuel gas or ambient temperatures to 200°F (93°C).

GS16 gas control valve features include:

  • Highly accurate fuel flow metering
  • Single moving part for reliable performance
  • All-electric actuation
  • On-board driver
  • Fast dynamic response
  • Robust self-cleaning valve
  • Gas flow shut-off in conformance with ANSI B16.104 Class III
  • Digital and/or 4-20mA analog signal interfaces
  • Discrete fault output and independent shutdown
  • Certified for use in Hazardous Locations



EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU

Pressure Equipment Directive: 2014/68/EU, (Category II)

ATEX Directive: 2014/34/EU (Zone 1, Category 2, Group IIG, Ex d IIB T3; Zone 2, Category 3, Group IIG, Ex nA IIC T3)



Compliance with the following European Directive does not qualify this product for application of the CE Marking:

Machinery Directive: Compliant as partly completed machinery with 2006/42/EC



CSA:  CSA Certified for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D, T3, and Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D, T3 at 93 °C ambient for use in Canada and the United States


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