Woodward Gas and Dual-Fuel Engine Control Systems

    Woodward has been providing engine control solutions for gaseous and dual-fuel engines for over 30 years. Our control systems are found on stationary engines, buses, and mobile and industrial engines around the world. Woodward’s vast experience allows us to engineer a solution that optimizes engine emissions and efficiency through precise control of air flow, fuel flow, combustion processes, exhaust flow, and aftertreatment with an integrated systems approach.



    Woodward multipoint fuel injection control systems are capable of controlling the diesel injectors in a common-rail or micro-pilot fuel injection system. They can also control main- and pre-chamber gas admission valves on spark-ignited engines.
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    E3 Engine & Emissions Control Systems

    Woodward E3 gas engine control systems are capable of controlling all types of gas engines: rich- and lean-burn, air-fuel ratio control, fuel blending.
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    Dual-Fuel Control Systems

    Woodward dual-fuel engine control systems are capable of controlling all types of dual-fuel engines, including where part of the diesel is substituted by gas.
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    Engine Control Systems for On-Highway (OH) CNG, LNG and LPG buses and trucks

    Woodward is the world’s leader in alternative fuel engine control system for on-highway trucks and buses. Companies around the globe choose Woodward engine control technologies for low emissions, enhanced performance, and better fuel economy.
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    SSIG Engine Control Systems for Natural Gas Engines

    Woodward’s SSIG (Stationary Small Industrial Gas) engine management systems control engines in generator sets, irrigation and oil well pumps, and other stationary industrial equipment. SSIG systems are designed for spark-ignited engines fueled by LPG (vapor or liquid), natural gas or gasoline.
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