Woodward Fuel Controls

    Fuel Controls for Gas Turbines 

    Woodward produces a wide range of fuel control platforms that provide complete mechanical control for aircraft and industrial turbines. 

    Mechanical Controls

    Woodward revolutionized gas turbine control decades ago with fuel controls that utilized a combination of linkages, mechanical pressure and temperature sensors, cams, flyweights and multiple valves to compute and meter liquid fuels. Through these complex mechanical linkages, the unit controls a turbine from start through a full range of output to safe shutdown. First used in aircraft turbines, these controls have also been applied to marine and land-based turbines. A relatively large fleet in both land and aviation-based turbines remains in operation today. 

    Electrically Actuated Controls 

    The advent of electrical control systems allowed greater sophistication, simplicity, and reliability--and resulted in replacement of many of the mechanical controls. Woodward transitioned with the market to offer a market-leading electrically actuated fuel control.


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