Fast Turbulent Igniter (FTI)

    Pre-chamber spark plug for fast, consistent ignition of lean-burn natural gas engines

    FTI spark plugs

    Woodward's Fast Turbulent Igniter (FTI) provides fast, consistent ignition of gaseous fuel mixtures in internal combustion engines. It delivers more even and complete burning of the fuel, increasing engine efficiency and improving exhaust emissions. The FTI is designed to optimize the operation of high-performance, high-BMEP, lean-burn natural gas engines used in stationary power applications.

    Large-bore engines running on lean gaseous fuel mixtures often experience a slower burn rate of the fuel and incomplete combustion. These conditions reduce combustion efficiency and contribute to problematic exhaust emissions. Typical J-gap spark plugs try to address these performance issues by increasing the spark energy, which shortens plug life. To counter decreasing spark plug life, J-gap manufacturers often increase electrode area, which has a "quenching" effect on the ignition spark, increasing combustion variability; or they use precious metals, which increase manufacturing complexity and reduce plug durability.

    The FTI's unique and patented design enables consistent ignition without the need for a high-energy ignition system, reducing the need for precious metal electrodes to achieve long life. It is also customizable to meet specific engine combustion requirements.


    FTI Benefits

    • Fast, stable fuel combustion
    • Improves engine efficiency
    • Reduces exhaust emissions
    • No thermal run-away for good knock margin
    • Longer life
    • Customizable design

    Improved Engine Efficiency

    • Consistent ignition of fuel charge - more complete fuel burning
    • Faster combustion - occurs just at Top Dead Center (ATDC) for better combustion efficiency

    Improved Combustion Stability

    • Extremely lean operating conditions
    • Better combustion efficiency and NOx - enabling optimized ignition timing

    Reduced Emissions

    • Reduces NOx - enables running at increased lambda (λ) (air-fuel ratios)
    • Reduces misfire - unburned hydrocarbons

    Longer Life

    • Exceeds engine's service interval - reducing engine downtime
    • Multiple offerings - different levels of expected life

    Zero Failure Rate

    • Reliable and robust - designed for high cylinder pressure

    The FTI's patented pre-chamber combustion technology improves combustion initiation beyond J-gap and conventional pre-chamber spark plugs.

    JGap1Typical J-gap spark plugs' spherical flame front has slower combustion speeds as the flame front moves across the combustion chamber. This type of flame front is susceptible to high in-chamber turbulence, which can quench or even blow-out the spark, again increasing the variability of the ignition. Also, smaller spark surface erodes faster, shortening the life of the spark plug.

    FTIImageThe FTI addresses these issues by using separate flame kernel ignition.  The multi-jet flame front coming out of the FTI igniters generates its own in-chamber turbulence. This self-generating turbulence adds to the existing in-chamber turbulence while being highly tolerant to other in-chamber turbulence promoting rapid flame growth throughout the fuel mixture. 

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