Woodward Engine Solenoids

    Tough, dependable, high-performance solenoids for every engine environment

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    Woodward solenoids are found on the dirtiest, hottest engines operating in the most extreme conditions in the world—such as hazardous environment or submerged conditions. We know that your engine’s control system has to work perfectly, no matter where that engine is running or what it is running. That’s why OEMs team up with Woodward engineers when solenoids are key components of their control systems.

    To provide long life and high reliability in the toughest engine application, Woodward solenoids are designed with hard chrome plated plungers, brass sleeve plunger guides, strong steel housings and brackets, and premium silicon rubber or epichlorohydrin solenoid boots.

    Whatever your stroke, force, voltage, mounting, sealing, or contamination protection requirements, you’ll find a Woodward solenoid to meet your needs. Or, we can custom design one for your exact specifications.