Woodward Emissions Control Systems

    Integrated emissions control solutions meet global requirements while optimizing efficiency, reliability, and performance

    Woodward offers total system solutions and individual products and to control both in-cylinder and aftertreatment engine emissions. Our solutions are based on decades of proven and advanced control experience and expertise in emission control components and system integration.

    For large diesel engines, Woodward provides high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems that improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and lower hazardous pollutants. For large natural gas and biogas-fueled engines, Woodward offers a range of E3 (all-encompassing engine and emissions) control systems. Our exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and wastegate controls provide proven cost-effective emission control technologies for OEMs.

    Our cost-effective technologies meet the toughest customer demands and performance needs with customized or off-the-shelf solutions. Our robust controllers and components provide optimal control and monitoring of emission and aftertreatment systems and give OEMs the ability to control the entire engine to meet stringent emission requirements.

    Woodward has partnered with Tenneco on the development of an active regeneration system to give customers seamless efficient performance that provides adequate temperature for diesel particulate filter regeneration and active regeneration for their hydrocarbon SCR systems. We also provide several aftertreatment controllers tailored to customer needs for optimal performance. Woodward has experience in urea dosing technologies to cost effectively enable urea-based SCR systems. 

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