DSLC Digital Synchronizer and Load Control


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    We've redesigned the DSLC! 


    The DSLC (Digital Synchronizer and Load Control) is a microprocessor-based synchronizer and load control designed for use on three-phase ac generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and compatible automatic voltage regulators. The DSLC is a synchronizer, a load sensor, a load control, a dead bus closing system, and an optional VAR/PF and process control, all integrated into one powerful and convenient package.

    Feature overview:

    • Synchronizer and load control in one box
    • Automatic generator loading and unloading for smooth load transfer
    • Isochronous load sharing with other DSLC-equipped sets
    • Process import/export control
    • VAR and Power factor control
    • Dead bus closing
    • Accurate control of non-linear and distorted generator wave forms
    • Digital communications network for information exchange between controls
    • Programmable load switch or reverse power trip output


    Power supply

    8 to 32 Vdc


    max. 18W

    Ambient temperature (storage)

    -55°C to 105°C / -67 to 221°F

    Ambient temperature (operation)

    -40°C to 70°C / -40 to 158°F

    Ambient humidity

    95 % at 38°C

    Voltage AC input

    120Vac/240Vac true RMS


    Class 0.1

    Current AC input

    5A true RMS

    Accuracy Iac

    Class 0.5

    Discrete inputs

    18 to 40 Vdc @ 10 mA

    Relay driver outputs

    18 to 40 Vdc @ 200 mA sink

    Analog inputs

    4 to 20mA / 1 to 5 Vdc

    Analog outputs

    Speed Bias: ±2.5 Vdc, 0.5–4.5 Vdc, 1–5 Vdc across 243 Ω, or 500 Hz PWM
    Voltage Bias: high in ±9 Vdc, low in ±3 Vdc,



    Back panel mounting

    Sheet metal housing

    Dimension (WxHxD)

    264 × 461 × 58 mm



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    NEW! DSLC-2


    Woodward used the original solid DSLC combined with an additional decade of application experience, to develop the new DSLC-2 ...

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    Conversion (Kit) Instruction
    How to replace DSLC by DSLC-2 is described in the Product Manual 35068:
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