Woodward service centers span the globe

    Woodward's customers are located in growth areas, so we are right there with them—designing, manufacturing, and servicing products. We continue to expand in Germany, Poland, China, Korea, India, and the Middle East. Our global presence allows us to respond quickly with solutions tailored to the local demands of our customers. Careful consideration of environmental and cultural differences is key to establishing Woodward as a concerned global citizen.

    Internal teams are comprised of members from multiple locations as well—encouraging fresh ideas, offering a variety of views on how to meet new challenges, and providing members the opportunity to have a worldwide impact. 

    Woodward also works closely with a global network of independent companies that provide sales, service, technical assistance, and upgrade support for one or more of our product lines. A complete list of Woodward and independent channel locations is provided on the link below.

    Industrial Support

    Industrial Channel Partners and Distributors

    For assistance with industrial products, please contact us at https://support.woodward.com.