Woodward Control Electronics

    Woodward — A Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Control Electronics for Electromechanical, Electro-Hydrostatic, and Hydraulic Actuation

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    Woodward specializes in control electronics for aerospace applications. From simple control and amplification, to precision control of servo systems, Woodward designs proven solutions to meet the most demanding application needs.

    Woodward’s electronics capabilities include: 

    • Multi-channel, synchronized motion systems
    • Closed-loop servo systems using analog or digital technology
    • Trapezoidal or FOC (Field-Oriented Control) of electric machines
    • Sensorless control electronics
    • Fault-tolerant, highly reliable systems

    Woodward electronics are custom-designed to your specification, to provide the best solution for your application.

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    To learn more about Woodward’s standard products and custom capabilities, please contact us at afs-electronics@woodward.com.