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    For over 145 years, Woodward has been collaborating with OEMs and end users to provide the technology, application expertise and support that you’ve come to trust from a market leader. Our field-proven prime mover and compressor controls and protection technologies are safely operating some of the world’s largest compression systems. And, many major compressor manufacturers incorporate Woodward systems into their equipment.

    Woodward offers both custom integrated turbine/motor compressor control systems (ICCS) and standard off-the-shelf compressor controls that maximize availability and performance in upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas applications, helping owners run their compression systems and processes at peak efficiency.  All of Woodward's systems meet industry standards for machinery control and safety, and are fully tested in a dynamic simulation environment—enabling you to operate with the best performance control and reduce both system development and commissioning time.

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    Custom Compressor Controls

    Woodward’s Integrated Compressor Control Systems utilize field proven hardware packages (MicroNet Plus or MicroNet TMR) and OEM-qualified algorithms to improve compressor train performance, reliability, and protection. These purpose-built controllers are customized to meet the control, protection, and decoupling functionality required for the specific application’s requirements.
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    Vertex-Pro is an anti-surge controller designed to control and protect industrial-sized motor-driven axial and centrifugal compressors. This purpose-built controller is available in standard off-the shelf models or custom models. Standard off-the-shelf models are available for one or two recycle loop applications, while custom models (Vertex-Pro-C models) are available for larger three and four recycle loop applications.
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    505CC-2 digital controller is designed to control compressors, steam turbines, or steam turbine compressor sets. The 505CC-2’s algorithms are designed for application on single valve or single extraction steam turbines, and or one- or two-loop compressor sets. This control’s configurability allows it to control motor-driven compressors or turbine-driven compressor sets.
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    Vertex controller is field configurable, allowing users to configure/select the specific control algorithm required for the specific compressor loop and application. The control’s special stage-to-stage and performance controller decoupling logic allows stable control during normal compressor operation as well as during plant upsets, minimizing process over or undershoot conditions. This purpose-built controller has the control, protection, and decoupling logic required for one or two recycle loop compressor applications.
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    Flex500 control system represents a new generation of turbine and engine control. This controller is an industrial hardware platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of turbine, engine, and compressor applications. The platform’s real-time operating system and dedicated inputs and outputs provide deterministic performance for key prime-mover-control functionality.
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     Advanced Technologies

    Woodward has developed surge preventive techniques that help compressor users achieve peak performance of their process and minimize process disturbances. All our solutions are modeled in our advanced dynamic simulation program (NetSim) before being implemented in the control systems. Woodward’s patented rate PID algorithms provide anticipative opening of anti-surge valves during process upsets to minimize overshoots and allow safe operations with minimal safety margins. Compressor turndown is maximized and higher product yields are achieved. 
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