POWER CONVERSION Components Business for License Manufacturing

    Woodward’s CONCYCLE® wind converter sets the standard in product innovation with its compact and modular NGx platform.
    The NGx converter platform is successfully established in onshore and offshore wind turbines and is being constantly updated to comply with the latest international grid code requirements. This is successfully verified by simulations and field tests for 50 Hz and 60 Hz grids.


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    Local Tender Solution 

    Especially in the renewable energy sector it is necessary in some countries to generate a certain percentage of the value chain in their own country.  
    This is mostly required if a special Tender Consortium is involved. 
    Based on the Technology License Contract and the Industrial Property Rights  
    is Woodward able to provide you the appropriate: 


    • Documents for your manufacturing line 
    • Bill of Material 
    • Components like control electronics with the appropriate software and power electronics 
    • Technical Trainings and Support 
    • Engineering assistance 


    Woodward grants to the appropriate partner an exclusive license to assembling, testing, manufacture, quality control and sale, of the LICENSED PRODUCTS,

    within the TERRITORY, through the usage of CONTRACT TECHNOLOGY furnished by Woodward, in a similar manner as that used by Woodward

    with regard to the LICENSED PRODUCTS in Woodward’s own facilities  



                            Manufacturing Process


                        Component Delivery

                            Power Electronics
                            Control Electronics



                            Change Control


    We like to assist as technologically oriented company to be successful in the market with permanently good qualified staff members. 

    Woodward provides the appropriate company with KNOW-HOW and TECHNICAL INFORMATION in the form existing in the Woodward company and as used in its own facilities, so that the partner is reasonably enabled to design, manufacture, assemble, test, perform quality control to the LICENSED PRODUCTS  to the best advantage. 

    KNOW-HOW and TECHNICAL INFORMATION will be delivered in paper support by air mail or in electronic form by electronic transfer in English language.