Woodward Brush DC Motors

    Woodward’s Brush DC motors include high torque and power density 

    CubemotorLarge.jpg Brush DC Powerdrive 

    Woodward designs and manufactures a line of fractional horsepower, permanent magnet, Brush DC electric motors for aerospace and defense motion-control applications. Woodward began producing Brush DC motors to support our own actuation group—in a variety of cost-effective, low-weight, durable-performance products for a range of small aircraft and helicopter applications.

    Woodward’s Brush DC motors are available in a variety of magnet materials including Neodymium and Samarium-Cobalt alloys. The size range includes both round and square frames in popular inch-series diameter codes from Size 8 to Size 15 (.75” to 1.5”) and a variety of core lengths. 

    Woodward’s Brush DC motors are commonly used in target and navigation servos, cabin pressure, utility actuation, valve drive, and trim controls.

    Woodward also supplies integral accessory devices such as tachometers, leadscrew output shafts, brakes, and gearheads.

    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology brush DC motor solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at afs-motors@woodward.com