Woodward Valve Products

    Woodward offers an extensive range of valve technologies and engineered valve products for critical industrial, aerospace and defense control system applications. Our valve capabilities range from reciprocating and turbine engine applications, power generation systems and alternative fuel vehicles, to applications in factory automation, aircraft flight controls, smart weapons, gas transmission, medical systems and entertainment animation.

    Woodward’s product and applications expertise includes:


    • Air valves
    • Fuel and hydraulic valves
    • Gas transmission, power generation and process valves
    • Direct drive and two stage servovalves
    • Modulating valves
    • Solenoid operated valves
    • Remotely operated valve systems


    Woodward routinely develops customized valves and valve actuation systems for customers' unique requirements. Woodward specialty valves are developed with strong system knowledge and often within condensed program schedules.

    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology solutions for industrial, aerospace and defense applications. For more information, review the links on this page regarding specific valve products, designs and applications.