Woodward UG-25+ Electronic-Hydraulic Governor

    Responsive governor combines the best of electronic and hydraulic technologies for optimal engine operation.

     UG-25 Plus P3

    The UG-25+ governor is a microprocessor-controlled, mechanical-hydraulic amplified governor for controlling diesel, gas and dual fuel engines, and steam turbines. The UG-25+ offers enhanced control capabilities, such as start fuel and boost limiting schemes. The additional transient fuel limiting (jump-rate) improves the engine load acceptance and reduces transient emissions significantly.

     UG-25+ Features:

    • State-of-the-art speed sensing and control algorithms
    • Enhanced PID dynamics
    • Configurable speed settings and adjustment rates
    • Multiple fuel limiting algorithms, such as jump-rate, boost pressure, and start fuel limiting
    • Comprehensive diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
    • End-of-line programmability simplifies inventory

            UG-25-P3-FINALNew-symbol-png   Next Generation UG-25+ P3

    Since its introduction as a Woodward governor in 2006, we have driven continuous product improvements toward this next generation P3 version. In addition to enhanced performance in high-vibration environments, the P3 is also equipped with a new customer electrical interface.  

    Here's how the UG-25+ P3 benefits Woodward customers.

    The UG-25+ P3 is a fully-compatible replacement product for all previous P0/P1 versions, which were phased out of production on April 1, 2012. We recommend that customers upgrade their UG-25+ P0/P1 versions to the new P3 version at the next service overhaul to gain the benefits of this improved P3 design (e.g., significantly increased service interval compared to the P0/P1 versions). Customers are also offered an option to get their P0/P1 versions serviced and repaired. These upgrade and repair programs are offered through Woodward Certified Overhaul Partners (see tab below). After this first update, the UG-25+ P3 governor can be serviced as usual at any Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility (AISF) around the world.

    For details on the UG-25+ P3 please see technical manual 26579.  

    UG-25+ P3 Actuator 

    The P3 actuator has a work output range of 25 to 31 ft-lb. For actuator details, please see technical manual 26580 and product specification 03386



    These Woodward Certified Overhaul Partners can upgrade your UG-25+ P0/P1 to the new P3.

    After this upgrade, the UG-25+ P3 governor can be serviced at any Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility (AISF) around the world.

     Woodward Certified Overhaul Partners

    North America 

    Governor Control Systems Inc. (GCS)

    Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. Phone: +1 954-462-7404 Email: woodward@govconsys.com

    Drake Controls West LLC

    Buena Park, CA. USA. Phone: +1 909-599-9000 Email: sales@drakecontrols.com

    South America 

    DLC Diesel Line Cambui Ltd

    Campinas, SP, Brazil. Phone: +55 (19) 9291-7223 Email: comercialcampinas@dlcdiesel.com.br

    Europe, Africa, Middle East 

    Turner Engine Controls BV  

    Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Phone: +31 23 566 2300 Email: diesel.support@turner-ecs.com

    Southern Europe, Africa 

    MAS S.A

    Piraeus, Greece. Phone: +30 (210) 4001657 Email: info@mas.gr

    Far East, Australia, India

    PM Control Systems Pte Ltd  

    Singapore.  Phone: +65 6779-2822 Email: sales@pmcontrol.com.sg


    Woods Corp.  

    Kobe, Japan. Phone: +81 (78) 928-8321 Email: service@woods-corp.co.jp


    Jewon Engineering Co. Ltd

    Busan, Korea. Phone: +82 (51) 264-1377 Email: jewoneng@jewoneng.com


    Dalian COSCO Rikky Ocean Engineering Co. Ltd

    Dalian, China. Phone:  +86 (513) 83519795 Email: rikkyocean@cosco-shipyard.com

    Woodward will continue to support the governors with the part numbers listed below until January 1, 2014 by exchanging them with updated UG-25+ P3 governors. The P3  governors will have new Woodward part numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to those part numbers listed below, to ensure complete Woodward part number and serial number traceability.


    8528-001 8528-002 8528-003 8528-004 8528-005 8528-006

    8528-007 8528-008 8528-009 8528-010 8528-011 8528-014

    8528-019 8528-020 8528-022-1 8528-022-4 8528-026

    8528-0001 8528-0001-1 8528-0001-2 8528-0001-3 8528-0001-4

    8528-0003 8528-0003-1 8528-0003-2 8528-0003-3 8528-0003-4

    8528-0004 8528-0004-1 8528-0004-2 8528-0004-3 8528-0004-4 8528-0004-5

    8528-0005 8528-0005-1 8528-0005-2 8528-0005-3 8528-0005-4 8528-0005-5

    8528-0007-1 8528-0007-2 8528-0007-3 8528-0007-4 8528-0007-5

    8528-0008 8528-0008-1 8528-0008-2 8528-0008-3 8528-0008-4 8528-0008-5

    8528-0009 8528-0009-1 8528-0009-2 8528-0009-3 8528-0009-4 8528-0009-5

    8528-0010 8528-0010-1 8528-0010-2 8528-0010-3 8528-0010-4 8528-0010-5

    8528-0011 8528-0011-1 8528-0011-2

    8528-0012-1 8528-0012-2 8528-0012-3 8528-0012-4 8528-0012-5 8528-0012-6

    8528-0013 8528-0014 8528-0015 8528-0016 8528-0017 8528-0018 8528-0019


    UG-25+ marine type approval certificates have been renewed and updated for the P3 version models. There is no functional difference between P0/P1 and P3 versions.

    The table below shows the P3 item numbers that replace P0/P1 item numbers. For each P0/P1 part number there are two possible replacement part numbers of P3, indicating the position of the oil gauge on either the right or left side of the governor.


    UG-25+ P0/P1

    UG-25+ P3


      8528-114 (Right)   8528-116 (Left)


      8528-118 (Right)   8528-120 (Left)


      8528-104 (Right)   8528-106 (Left)


      8528-100 (Right)   8528-102 (Left)


      8528-115 (Right)   8528-117 (Left)


      8528-101 (Right)   8528-103 (Left)


      8528-119 (Right)   8528-121 (Left)


      8528-105 (Right)   8528-107 (Left)