Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems

     Woodward Thrust Reverser Actuation System (TRAS) applications have been fielded since the 1960s and are found on over two dozen large commercial, regional and business jet variants, including FAR Part 33 and FAR Part 25 certification.  As an industry leader for TRAS, Woodward is continually developing and manufacturing TRAS for new aircraft programs.   Locking-Actuator

    Thrust Reverser Actuation Systems power and control the deployment of aircraft thrust reversers, optimizing aircraft operational safety by minimizing runway stopping distances.  Woodward utilizes its engineering and manufacturing expertise, and wide array of technology to design, develop and manufacture TRAS.  Integrated to form an operational system, TRAS contain key components, including:

    • Electro-hydraulic control valves with operational pressure state indication and manual inhibit modes
    • Hydraulic and electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical cowl locks and tertiary locks with lock state indication
    • Hydraulic actuators with electronic position feedback, lead screw synchronization, and lock state indication
    • Synchronization systems to sync multiple nacelle cowl actuators
    • Manual drive units that allow non-hydraulic, manual deployment of the thrust reverser for maintenance activity Control-Valve

    TRAS_simulated_nacelle_installationWith the new and patent-pending Rotary Ramloc™ actuator, Woodward is at the forefront of TRAS innovation.  Building from the legacy Ramloc™ design, the Rotary Ramloc™ contains a unique, internal locking mechanism that allows for the most compact and lightest TRAS locking actuator possible.  In addition, Woodward has electric TRAS technology that has been proven through research and development testing.