Woodward - Industrial Turbine – Electronic Control – Auxiliary – SPM-D


    Auxiliary Electronic Controls 

    SPM-D Synchronizer 

    Woodward’s SPM-D synchronizer is used on steam turbines with three-phase AC generators utilizing compatible speed controls and automatic voltage regulators.

    The SPM–D provides automatic frequency, phase and voltage matching, using either analog or discrete output bias signals (depending on model). The SPM-D digitally measures true rms values, ensuring measurement accuracy and maintaining integrity against harmonics, transients, or power spikes. A quick-mains decoupling function permits the SPM-D21 to operate in mains- parallel applications without additional external protection relays. The SPM-D synchronizer:

    • simplifies the design of the switchgear cabinet
    • facilitates the commissioning
    • ensures the operation of the systems is user friendly
    • increases the flexibility of the overall system

    Learn more from the SPM-D product specification