Woodward Governors for Steam Turbine Control

    Woodward produces mechanical governors (including API-611 compliant units) to control steam turbines in isochronous and droop operation

    No other company has more than a century of mechanical governor experience. Current units build upon an extensive pedigree that started in 1870 with the first water wheel governor, the foundation of our company. From there, basic mechanical governor principles were leveraged into steam turbine governors, reciprocating engine driven aircraft propeller governors, land based reciprocating engine governors, turboprop aircraft propeller governors, large commercial aircraft turbine speed governors, land based turbine governors, etc.

    Woodward does not only rely on decade old designs. While electronic steam turbine controls are a core product platform, mechanical governors still have a strong presence on applications where power is not available and a robust, proven, highly reliable mechanical governor is sufficient. Enhancements have been introduced in the product line, including governors with API-611 compliance (TG611) and governors with integrated digital control (UG-25+). 

    Woodward also provides global support through an extensive network of AISFs (Authorized Independent Service Facilities) that have been trained by Woodward to support governors in every corner of the world. Many of these AISFs also have the engineering capability to provide upgrade to an electronic control for enhanced control capabilities. These companies are identified as RTRs (Recognized Turbine Retrofitters).

    For a complete list of AISFs and RTRs see the Worldwide Directory.

    As an independent company, Woodward and its partners provide full service, support, and upgrades. Woodward takes great pride in customer support and continues to sustain fielded products for as long as parts are available. When upgrades are required, Woodward’s OEM and Channel Partners can provide upgrade services on all controls.

    Repair and Overhaul