Woodward EPS 1000 Speed Switch

    Three-channel engine protection system with simultaneous functionality

    EPS 1000.jpg 

    Woodward’s EPS 1000 protects diesel engines from damage due to overspeed. Diagnostic fault lights pinpoint engine failures, helping to reduce maintenance and repair costs and minimize downtime.

    With one speed signal input, the EPS 1000 can control up to three on-board relays, or channels. The three channels can be configured independently to set and reset at various speeds. Each relay is a single pole, double throw relay with common, normally open, and normally closed contacts. Contacts are rated at 10 amps.

    Its three-channel capability makes the EPS 1000 ideally-suited for engine/equipment protection, sequenced operations, and critical timing applications. It can also be used for unattended engine starting using autocrank and glow plug functions.

    The EPS speed switch is software programmable and has no manual adjustments. The All-purpose Calibration Tool (ACT) is used for programming (configuring and adjusting) the EPS module.

    And its patented, reversible frame makes it easily adaptable for base or panel mounting.

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    The many features of the EPS 1000 make it ideal for a variety of applications, including generator sets, wood chippers, cement and mortar mixers, bus door control. Industrial engines, hydro-turbines, hydraulic and pneumatic control, and clutch engagement/disengagement.

    EPS 100 Features:
    • Three output channels for independent configuration of various actions. Each channel can be configured in one of three modes--speed switch, autocrank controller, and glow plug controller.
    • Speed signal input is user selectable for magnetic pickup, ignition, or Hall Effect sensors. Mini-Gen® signal generators may also be used.
    • Front panel LED’s provide instant visual data on operational status.
    • Autocrank mode allows programming for crank time, rest time, and maximum crank attempts.
    • Glow plug mode controls glow plug ON time.
    • Test verify function permits testing of channel at 70% of set point (programmable 0 to 99% of set point).
    • Normal or reverse relay logic is configurable by user.
    • Six switch inputs plus engine speed input provide versatile programming.
    • Engine/equipment protection (EP) switch inputs can be enabled at preset (programmable) RPM after preset time delay.
    • Two auxiliary outputs indicate status and fault codes.
    • Engine status indicator displays engine failure codes to aid in troubleshooting engine or equipment problems. 


    Power Input 

    9-30 Vdc

    Reverse Polarity Protection 

    SAE J1455

    Electromechanical Compatibility 

    ISO 14982:1982/E

    EMI Immunity 

    30 V/M  20 MHz to 1000 MHz

    Auxiliary Outputs 

    AX 1 and AX 2: 200 mA

    Nominal Operating Current 


    12 V: 140 mA / 24 V: 120 mA

    12 V: 25 mA / 24 V: 40 mA

    Relay Contact Ratings @ 28 Vdc 

    Resistive Load: 1 to 10A

    Inductive Load: 1 to 8A



           Operating Temperature 

    -40°F to +185°F  (-40°C to 85°C)


    4 G’s from 40 to 2000 Hz


    10 G’s @ 45 Hz


    UV, chemical resistant. UL 94 V-O flame retardant. Encapsulated for reliability in harsh environments


    Euro-style terminal block


    Requires interface adapter and software (EPS Calibration Tool Kit


    0.85 lbs (0.386 kg)