Woodward Social Responsibility

    Embracing a culture of ethics and social responsibility

    “Our commitment to sustainability is encapsulated in the message that is at the core of our corporate brand: Always innovating for a better future.”

    —Tom Gendron, Chairman and CEO

     The Woodward Constitution provides the foundation for all Woodward activities, including our commitment to sustainability. The Woodward Constitution defines our business philosophy, identifies our stakeholders, establishes our values and principles, and describes our business purpose. We believe that living the values and principles of the Woodward Constitution is critical to achieving our business goals and to our long-term success. We recognize that living our values and principles requires that we continue to make investments in our people (who we call “members”), products, processes, facilities, and stakeholders.

     Our 2017 Sustainability Report presents Woodward’s sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives between the years 2015-2017. In preparing this report, Woodward referenced various global reporting standards to provide the most relevant sustainability information. 

    Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is as strong as ever. As always, we welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve our performance.