Woodward Social Responsibility

    Embracing a culture of ethics and social responsibility


    “We are firm in our belief that members do what is right for the business with integrity, because the interests of Woodward and our members are inseparable.”

    —Tom Gendron, Chairman and CEO

    Woodward promotes an ethical environment that fosters growth, encourages self-development, and provides meaningful work. We are proud to provide jobs in the communities in which we operate. We are deeply committed to supporting programs and organizations that ensure our communities are desirable places to live and work. We cultivate a spirit of volunteerism by encouraging our members to be involved in their communities.

    Living up to the Woodward Constitution is critical to the achievement of our business goals and to our long-term success. It sets forth our values and principles, and establishes our commitment to promoting the long-term interests of our stakeholders: our shareholders, customers, members (employees), suppliers, and communities.

    On behalf of Woodward’s Board of Directors and management team, we are pleased to introduce our first Sustainability Report. In this Report, we proudly highlight our long-standing commitment to sustainability and our investments in Woodward’s future. 

    2015 Sustainability Report
    Report [ PDF]
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