SSIG Stationary Small Industrial Gas Systems

    Integrated Engine Management Systems Reduce Emissions in Propane and CNG Engines 

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    Woodward offers completely integrated control systems as well as individual control component technologies that integrate easily with other controls to provide total engine equipment control. Our control technologies enable engines to consistently achieve efficiency, emissions, performance, and reliability demands-and have been proven in a wide range of mobile and stationary engine equipment that includes natural gas buses and trucks, construction and agricultural equipment, material handling, electric power generation, pumping, and welding applications.

    Woodward's SSIG (Stationary Small Industrial Gas) engine management system controls engines in generator sets, irrigation and oil well pumps, and other stationary industrial equipment. It controls spark-ignited engines fueled by LPG (vapor or liquid), natural gas or gasoline. The SSIG system is suitable for engines ranging in size from 1 L to 22 L (18 kW to < 1 mW). The closed-loop control system helps OEMs and packagers comply with New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These standards became effective in 2008 for stationary spark-ignited engines. SSIG also helps meet requirements of the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). SSIG provides accurate and reliable performance control over the useful life of the engine in the extreme operating environments typical of heavy-duty, stationary industrial applications.

    The SSIG system commands full authority over spark, fuel, and air. This integrated approach permits precise steady-state speed governing for generator frequency control and air/fuel ratio control for low fuel consumption and emissions at best torque. Continual updates to adaptive parameters allow for fast response to rapid changes in load.

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    Components for SSIG engine management systems include:

    •        Electronic control module
    •        Electric fuel lockoff solenoid valve
    •        Fuel pressure regulator
    •        Fuel trim valves
    •        Fixed venturi mixer assembly or air valve mixer
    •        Electronic throttle assembly
    •        Oxygen sensors
    •        Integrated temperature and manifold pressure sensor
    •        Smart ignition coils

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