Woodward Main and Tail Hydraulic Actuators

      Bell 206 MRA Bell 212 MRA Bell 429 IHM  

    Woodward has been a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of MRA (main rotor) and TRA (tail rotor) flight control actuators for over 50 years. Woodward has continuously advanced state of the art in MRA and TRA design, from early designs used on the Bell UH-1 Huey, to the multi-redundant FBW (fly-by-wire) actuators currently in development testing.

    Simple unity feedback boost actuators have transitioned into complex mechanical feedback, dual parallel, and dual tandem designs, with integral SCAS in some cases. Woodward MRAs and TRAs contain jam-proof servo-control valves and redundancy in other key functions, and are recognized worldwide for high reliability and low cost of ownership. DDV (direct drive valve) -controlled redundant FBW servoactuators, for both commercial and military main and tail rotor applications, are currently in development.

    Woodward main and tail rotor actuators are used on almost all Bell helicopters flying today including:

    • Bell 206
    • Bell 212
    • Bell 429
    • Bell UH-1Y / AH-1Z

    Woodward also supplies MRAs and TRAs to Sikorsky for the S-76 helicopter.
    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology main and tail rotor actuation solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at afs-actuation@woodward.com.