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    Woodward SIL-3 Safety Systems

    Decades of experience integrated into a total solution that protect your assets

    The new API670 standards require a total systems approach to meet the safety levels required in the industry.  Woodward is a leader in delivering steam turbine safety systems to meet these new standards.  Woodward’s SIL-3 enabled safety systems with integrated package of ProTech, QuickTrip, and certified sensors reduce installation costs and allow you to meet the safety requirements for small, medium, or large steam turbine applications.

    Woodward turbine safety systems precisely and reliably scan rotor speed and other key turbine operating parameters over 40 times per second.  Purpose built with deterministic behavior and fast scan rate safety logic solvers and sensors combined with the speed and reliability of our fully integrated trip block assembly with on-line test capability enable our customers to have a stand-alone SIL-3 safety system you can trust.









    Woodward ProTech safety logic solvers were designed in collaboration with turbine manufacturers to ensure fast response times required to shut down large, medium and small turbines quickly and safely.
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    Woodward’s QuickTrip fault tolerant trip block design makes it ideal for critical steam turbine applications, where turbine up-time and availability are essential. This trip block assembly’s 2-out-of-3 voting design provides users with a very high level of system reliability as well as compliance with industry standard API-670.
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    Sil Sensors

    Woodward’s SIL-3 certified speed sensors provides a complete certified safety system solution when combined with our safety logic solver, trip block and approved trip and throttle valve.
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