Markets and Principal Lines of Business

    We serve two primary markets – aerospace and industrial.

    Within the aerospace market, we provide systems, components and solutions for both commercial and military applications. Our key focus areas within this market are:  

    • Propulsion system control solutions for turbine powered aircraft; and 
    • Actuation systems and motion control solutions. 

    Within the industrial market, our key focus areas are:  

    • Control solutions for equipment that produce electricity using conventional or renewable energy sources; 
    • Solutions for the control of power quality, distribution and storage on the electrical grid; and 
    • Control solutions for power equipment used in the extraction, distribution, and conversion of renewable and fossil fuels in marine, locomotive, and industrial equipment applications.  


    Our customers demand technological solutions to meet their needs for performance, efficiency and reliability. Our systems and products are designed to improve fuel efficiency and operating performance, and reduce emissions and costs of operation. 

    Woodward has two reportable segments - Aerospace and Industrial. Both of our reportable segments are comprised of multiple business groups, which focus on particular applications within the aerospace and industrial markets. Our Aerospace segment combines the aircraft propulsion portion of the former Turbine Systems business group, which we now refer to as the Aircraft Turbine Systems business group, with our Airframe Systems business group. Our Industrial segment combines the industrial turbine portion of the former Turbine Systems business group, which we now refer to as the Industrial Turbomachinery Systems business group, with our Engine Systems and Electrical Power Systems business groups.