APECS Speed Controls

    Diesel emissions control, CAN communications, and engine protection are all possible with the APECS family of electronic controllers.

    Woodward’s Advanced Proportional Engine Controls System (APECS) provides isochronous or multi-speed engine governing through a wide speed range. The complete system consists of a powerful microprocessor-based controller driving a precision proportional actuator. The actuator is connected to the engine’s throttle or fuel pump speed lever to precisely control engine speed.

    The state-of-the-art APECS digital governor system provides the flexibility to solve most engine control applications, including:

    • Power Generation
    • Industrial
    • Marine
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Agriculture/Forestry

    APECS controller models are available for isochronous governing of generator sets or compressors, in single- or two-speed control. Other models provide single- or multi-speed governing for construction and other industrial applications. APECS controllers are readily configured using the APECS software calibration tool, helping to prevent field tampering of control settings.


    APECS 4800 Controller

    APECS 4800 Controller

    The APECS 4800 control system combines a digital electronic controller with a rotary or linear actuator to provide speed control of diesel engines under 75 hp (56 kW). The system provides accurate, reliable, and durable control over the service life of the engine in the extreme operating environments found in power generation and industrial applications.

    The 48-pin digital controller provides isochronous speed control, actuator position control, torque limiting, droop, glow plug control, CAN J1939-based communications, and additional engine management and protection functions to optimize engine operating efficiency.

    The 4800 can provide emissions control for NOx with EGR valve control and particulate material reduction through smoke limiting.

    Primarily used for engine governing on small generators, the 4800 system is also well-suited for throttle actuation on off-road light utility vehicles or construction equipment. Typical applications include stationary and mobile generator sets, construction machinery, and farm vehicles.

    APECS 4500 Controller

    APECS 4500 Controller

    Advanced electronics in APECS 4500 provide maximum control and optimal engine performance. Adaptive features include autocrank, droop governing, glow plug control, and analog input (remote speed pot). CAN/J1939 bus interface allows communication and diagnostics among engine components.

    The APECS 4500 controller is integrated into commercial and construction vehicles, and industrial engine systems and compressors by original equipment manufacturers and industrial plants. It is also suitable for low speed (<25 km/h [16 mph]) non-consumer off-highway vehicles. Typical applications include generator sets, compressors, construction machinery, and farm vehicles.
    APECS 3000 Controller

    APECS 3000 Controller

    APECS 3000 controllers are isochronous engine governors that control and limit engine speed by adjusting the fuel control lever with a proportional actuator. They are configurable for operation at up to four different speeds. There are no manual adjustments; all features are software configured with the APECS Calibration Tool. APECS 3000 controllers are well-suited for generator sets, compressors/ pumps, utility vehicles, and construction equipment.
    APECS 2000 Controller

    APECS 2000 Controller

    The APECS 2000 is an isochronous controller for diesel, gasoline, CNG, and LPG engines. Calibration and adjustments of Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) gains are performed manually without the need for specialized software. Features include electrostatic discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, and protection against miswiring. Diagnostics take account of broken signal leads and overspeed conditions, responding with failsafe measures. The controller is engine compartment mountable and is compatible with APECS actuators. APECS 2000 is ideal for off-highway applications such as gensets, construction equipment and farming machinery.
    APECS 500 Controller

    APECS 500 Controller

    The APECS 500 controller combines the convenience of manual adjustments with the flexibility of a computer-based calibration tool. Electrical connections consist of six wires to battery, actuator and magnetic engine speed pickup. For most applications, APECS 500 can be connected and adjusted with simple hand tools. This single speed controller is designed to meet the needs of the small genset market where simplicity, ease of operation, and low cost are key features.


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