Woodward Resolvers

    Unsurpassed Accuracy for Aerospace and Severe Duty Rotary Sensing

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    Woodward’s synchro/resolver position sensors provide an optimum combination of accuracy and reliability in a rotary position sensing device. Woodward has fielded basic construction and custom-packaged resolver position sensors in numerous aerospace and defense applications:

        • High Lift, Spoiler, and Horizontal Stabilizer 
        • Motor Commutation
        • Guidance and Navigation 
        • Cockpit Controls
        • Control Surface Feedback
        • Electro-Optic and Radar
        • Nosewheel Feedback

    Woodward resolvers are manufactured using the highest quality winding, drivetrain, and structural materials. Thermally matched material selection ensures long life and performance stability over a wide range of environmental conditions. Fluid-immersable designs are available for use in pressurized hydraulic fluid, fuel, and other in-fluid applications.

    Woodward offers multi-channel redundancy in tandem (end-to-end) or narrow-package cluster and frameless configurations. Integrated gearing modules can provide extended operating range to 3,000+ revolutions.

    A compete portfolio of rigging options and mechanical interfaces is available for adaptation to suit any installation requirement.

    To learn more about Woodward’s standard products and custom capabilities, please contact us at afs-sensors@woodward.com.