Woodward Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs)

    Reliability and Ruggedness in Linear Position Sensing

    Woodward’s Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) position sensors have been used for decades in some of the most demanding linear motion sensing applications. LVDT construction is inherently friction free and environmentally resistant, and can be used in dry or pressurized fluid environments. LVDTs are commonly used in flight-critical command and feedback applications such as:Long Stroke Group 

    • Linear Actuator Position
    • Control Surface Position
    • Servovalve Feedback
    • Fuel Controls Quad LVDT
    • Thrust Reversers
    Cockpit Controls 

    Woodward manufactures LVDTs using state of the art winding equipment and materials in order to offer aggressive stroke-to-length ratios and stable performance and longevity over broad thermal and fluid pressure conditions.

    Woodward offers multi-channel redundancy in parallel-cluster or tandem (end-to-end) configurations. Stroke lengths are available up to 24 inches, or micro-strokes as short as .010 inch.


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