Medium Voltage Full Size Converter

    Woodward CONCYCLE® Medium Voltage, Full Size Converters
    for Permanent Magnet Generators

    Woodward’s CONCYCLE® medium voltage converter was especially designed for operation in offshore wind turbines, and is the optimal result of our years of experience with offshore converter installations.

    This converter was specifically developed to offer a small converter with fully enclosed cabinets. This was made possible by a sophisticated water cooling system for maximum efficiency of your wind turbine.

    The excellent reliability and quality of CONCYCLE® wind converters result in a perfect power generating system for variable-speed wind turbines. Intelligent control of the converter complies with all valid international grid code requirements at the point of common coupling.

    Woodward's CONCYCLE® medium voltage converter design covers your power classes from 4MW to 10MW.


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     The advantages of Woodward’s Medium Voltage Full Size Converter platform:

    • High efficiency at any rotation speed
    • High power density
    • Compact, modular and rugged design
    • Reactive power compensation
    • Asymmetrical fault compensation
    • Control without encoder signal
    • No inrush currents
    • Smaller footprint due to lower currents
    • Detailed simulation models
    • Integrated data logger and fault data recorder
    • Variable field bus communication interfaces
    • Worldwide service organization
    • Well trained offshore service team
    • High reliability


    Inverter Type Voltage Source Converter 3 level          
    High Voltage IGBT                            (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)
    Auxiliary Voltage Common 400 - 480 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz
    UPS UPS can be connected for power control   
    Efficiency of Converter Typically >97%   
    Ambient Temperature -40°C … +50°C (higher with derating)
    Enclosure Class IP 54
    Power and Voltage Range 4 MVA … 10 MVA              
    2,3 kV … 4,16 kV



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