MI-07 Engine Control System

    Integrated engine management system to reduce emissions in propane and CNG engines


    Woodward’s MI-07 control system is an advanced engine management system for propane and CNG engines in forklifts and other on- or off-highway vehicles. The MI-07 is emissions certified on 8 engines to the 2007 standards for Large Spark Ignited (LSI) engines as established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The emission results are demonstrated to meet the 2010 emission standards that are proposed by CARB.

    The MI-07 system provides closed-loop control of stoichiometric air-fuel ratio for accurate application with three-way catalysts. Full authority control of an electronic throttle provides a range of options for speed governing. With these capabilities, and the control of ignition timing and dwell, the MI-07 offers a system with 5000 hour or 5-year emissions compliance. The components and ECU are designed for on-engine and under-hood mounting. The system offers capability for both single and dual fuel on engines with up to 8 cylinders.

    COMING SOON! MI-2012…the next generation control system for LPG fueled engines, engineered to solve some of the industry’s toughest problems. For details on how the MI-Series can be customized to help you meet next-generation emissions with high reliability and efficiency, please contact your local Woodward office listed in the Woodward Directory.