Woodward Jet Pipe Servovalves

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    Woodward’s Proven Jet Pipe Servovalve Technology 

    Woodward Jet Pipe Servovalves lead the way in a variety of critical aerospace applications:

    • Flight controls
    • Turbine engine controls
    • Hydraulic utilities
    • Braking applications


    Woodward Jet Pipe products, sized to industry standards or in custom installations, use a variety of fluids to drive motors and actuators, and to control flow or pressure applications. Our products are highly reliable and offer contamination resistance on the most demanding applications.

    Operating ranges of our products:

    • Pressures of up to 5000 psid
    • Ambient temperatures of -65°F to +375°F
    • Vibration levels of higher than 60G


    For more information on product specifications and performance, please view our downloadable material, located on the right hand side of this page.