"Electronic Pickup Unit" for Asynchronous Generators  


    EPU stands for Electronic Pickup Unit (in association to MPU the Magnetic Pickup Unit).
    The EPU-100 receives the electrical signal and converts it into a "MPU signal". This information about the speed of rotation of the asynchchronous generator can be fed into a genset control (for example an easYgen). So the genset control can decide for connecting the asynchronous generator to the mains/utility. Woodward's EPU-100 is particular suitable to work with the very small voltage (as low as 0.5 Vac and as high as 600 Vac) a asynchronous generator produces until it’s breaker is closed.

    EPU-100 is a small plug and play device that requires no configuration or adjustments. In combination with Woodward’s easYgen genset controllers, it provides an ideal solution for asynchronous generator sets. The easYgen comes with a dedicated asynchronous firmware implemented by delivery and setup for MPU signal coming from EPU-100 is just a few parameter settings away.

    This standard DIN rail mounted device contains an LED for easy diagnostics.
    The wiring printing on the housing makes it very easy to install it. 

     Features include:

    • Simple plug and play converter
    • Easy and convenient to install, operate, and diagnose
    • Seamless integration with Woodward genset controls
    • CE marked










    Remanence voltage input


     0.5 .. 600

      L1 – L2

    Input impedance


      > 240


    Input frequency range


     16 .. 85



    Output frequency range


     128 .. 680

      8 times higher than input frequency




      For 40 .. 60 Hz

    "MPU output" Signal


      4.5 .. 5.5


    Reaction time


      < 400

      Tracking time

    LED frequency


      ~ 4 .. 21

      4 times lower than input frequency


    Supply voltage


     8 .. 42V

      Vnom = 24V

    Supply current


      < 0.02


    Wire size “inflexible”


      0.2 .. 4


    Wire size “flexible”


      0.2 .. 2.5


    Cable length to genset control


      < 10


    Cable length to power supply


     < 30


    Power line to the “mains breaker”





    Absolute altitude for operation


     .. 4000


    Ambient operation temperature


     -40 .. +70


    Storage temperature


      -40 .. +100




      30 x 75 x 55

      W x D x H

    Standards, approvals, approbations

    DIN EN 61010-1, CE 
    (UL on request)

     CAT II 300-600 V acc.
    to DIN EN 61010-1






    CE.gif  , (UL on request)



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